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Photoshop Painting Techniques: Hair and Fur
Using advanced Paint Engine functions to create custom effects
by David Nagel

Now, if you were to start drawing your hair effect at this point, it would look just terrible. So what we need to do is to go in and start messing around with the brush's parameters.

First, in the Brushes palette, select Shape Dynamics. Switch off your Size control, and boost up your Angle Jitter. I'm putting mine at 20 percent, but you can go higher to create a more random appearance.[an error occurred while processing this directive]

No go into Color Dynamics. Here you should boost up the Hue Jitter, Saturation Jitter and Brightness Jitter. You do this to avoid creating even hair/fur tones and to help the individual strands of hair to stand out in the final effect.

Finally, go into Other Dynamics and set the Opacity Control to Pen Pressure. (If you plan to do a lot of painting in Photoshop or any other graphics program, it's really in your best interest to invest in a Wacom tablet. They start around $100 new, so definitely go out and buy one.)

Now, to make this new brush with the specific settings a permanent member of your brush collection, select the flyaway menu on the top right of the Brushes palette, and choose "New Brush" from the list of options. Name it, and you're ready to start painting.

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