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Weekly Download: Stroke Styles for Fireworks MX, Series 1
25 dynamic, textured vector brush styles
by David Nagel

This is my first series of brush styles for Macromedia Fireworks MX. Though Fireworks has a capable paint engine with a wide array of dynamics, the problem of distribution always stopped me. That is, I couldn't figure out a way to share any brushes I'd care to create. But then, while tooling around in Fireworks MX 2004, I stumbled upon a workaround. And so I present you with what I can only assume to be the first free collection of brush styles for Fireworks MX and Fireworks MX 2004.

As I mentioned, Fireworks MX offers a robust paint engine, with options for multiple nibs, scattering, rotation, wet edges and other parameters. I've tried to keep things in this collection fairly simple on the assumption that you'd be able to go in and make any modifications you wish to these. The key here is that these 25 brushes are based on 23 unique, tiling textures (also included in the download), which form the basis for the look and feel of each style. (These were created using Digital Anarchy's Texture Anarchy, incidentally.) I haven't attempted to stick to any one theme in this collection but sort of just created the brushes as I went along, exploring various ways to reveal the textures through the strokes. I've made all of the brushes 50 pixels wide, though you can change this through a simple diameter adjustment in Fireworks' ever-present Properties palette.[an error occurred while processing this directive]Here's a gander at what the collection includes, with each brush shown in a single stroke in its default setup.

These brushes will run on Macintosh and Windows systems and are compatible with Fireworks MX and FIreworks MX 2004. Continue on to the next page for download and installation instructions. (And remember, you can find all of our previous download by visiting our Features archive.)

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